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    Sep Sun,2018
    Forklift lights are essential and there are many different types of forklift safety lights depending on the types of use or operation you enter. Because of all of the combinations of lights that can end up on a forklift, it can get confusing to understand the function of each. Let’s explore if you need a forklift light, the meaning of what a forklift light communicates when lit, and how forklift lights can be part of a safe working environment.

    Sep Sun,2018
    By installing forklift safety lights, pedestrians can easily see the large spot of bright blue light moving across the floor ahead of them. That alerts them to the fact that a vehicle is about to cross their path.
  • Anti-collision systems for forklift

    Sep Fri,2018
    anti-collision systems Safe&Stop
  • Learn how to sell the idea of investing in safety

    Sep Fri,2018
    The importance of safety in material handling industries
  • What to Consider when Buying Forklift Parts

    Sep Fri,2018
    If you are in the market for a forklift part, ensuring you purchase the correct one is important in guaranteeing the productivity of your business. All mechanical equipment eventually needs repair and you will quickly realise the importance of each forklift part when one of them becomes damaged. One of the best ways to ensure the smooth functioning of your forklift is to regularly maintain, check and replace worn out forklift parts. Today we will highlight important tips you will need to cons
  • Materials Handling - Overhead Crane Operation

    Sep Fri,2018
    What should you do before moving a load? Ensure all loose materials, parts, blocking and packing have been removed from the load before lifting. Remove any slack from the sling and hoisting ropes before lifting the load. Make sure that the lifting device seats in the saddle of the hook. Verify that the load is not heavier that the maximum load capacity.
  • Crane & Hoist Safety

    Sep Fri,2018
    Many types of cranes, hoists, and rigging devices are used for lifting and moving materials. Crane and Sling safety policies are designed maintain a safe workplace. Only qualified and licensed people may operate cranes. To a crane operator, few experiences can be as frightening as when a crane becomes unbalanced while a load is being lifted or when the crane collapses under the weight of an excessive load.

    Aug Fri,2018
    In the simplest of terms, an overhead crane is a machine, or piece of equipment, that allows you to lift and move heavy materials from one location to another in a precise manner. There is no “one size fits all” approach to defining an overhead crane, as each overhead crane is carefully designed and engineered for a specific purpose or application to suit a business’ material handling needs.
  • Warehouse Safety: How to Prevent Common Forklift Accidents

    Aug Wed,2018
    Forklifts, also referred to as powered industrial trucks, are a necessary tool in the daily operation of your business. But these little workhorses come with some unique safety concerns. Due to their small size and limited speed, many forklift operators sometimes underestimate the potential challenges and dangers that can take place while driving them. As a result, workplace accidents involving forklifts are relatively common and can lead to significant financial loss, injuries and even fataliti
  • Nitco introduces wireless forklift fleet management technology

    Aug Fri,2018
    The company says it adds telemetry capabilities to materials handling equipment which could lead to “improvements in safety and accountability while eliminating inefficiencies and lowering your overall cost of operation”.
  • Overhead Crane Safety System-- Crane Warning Lights

    Aug Fri,2018
    Warning lights and indicator lights can be built into the design of an overhead crane to provide personnel on the ground with an idea of where the crane bridge is overhead and where the hook will be. These lights are automatically on when the crane equipment is turned on and running—helping to reduce accidents and operator error.
  • What Type of Equipment or Systems are Available for Overhead Crane Safety?

    Aug Fri,2018
    What Type of Equipment or Systems are Available for Overhead Crane Safety?Overhead Crane Safety Systems: Modern Features and Technologies
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